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Curry Menu 

All of our curries are made fresh at home using local ingredients where possible.

Please order with as much notice as possible, ideally 7 days, as we only shop weekly!

Chicken Tikka Masala £14🌶️

Succulent pieces of chicken in a rich and creamy tomato sauce

Lamb Rogan Josh £16 🌶️ 🌶️

Tender marinated pieces of lamb and fresh tomato in a hot spiced tomato sauce 

Kerala Prawns £ 16

Succulent prawns in a mild and aromatic Kerala style coconut curry.

Gujerati Cauliflower and Green Beans £12 🌶️

A warmly spiced curry featuring cauliflower and green beans. 

Beef Madras £16 🌶️ 🌶️

Chunks of tender beef in a fiery onion tomato sauce.

All dishes can be made vegetarian or with any meat 


Veg £ 12, Chicken £ 14, Prawn, Lamb and Beef £ 16.


Yellow Dhaal £4.50

Raita £1.50

Naan £2.50

Basmati Rice £2.50

Poppadums and pickles £2.50

Why not try our Meal for Two including your choice of Curry, Yellow Dhaal, Naan bread, Poppodums, Pickle, Basmati Rice and Raita for just £ 24 (Veg), £26( Chicken), £28 (Prawn/Lamb/Beef)

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