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The track to Hingabarn is narrow, uneven and twisting. Due to the width, it is not recommended for larger vehicles such large sedans or vans.  Wheels with low profile tyres and alloys can get damaged due to the rocks and stones.

Will my car fit?

  • 1600-1700 mm wide

    • eg. Smart, VW Up​, Ford Fiesta, VW Golf

    • EASY

      Reasonably easy if you take care


  • 1800-1900mm wide

    • eg. Citroen DS4, Ford Mondeo, VW Tiguan


      Quite tight in walled section. Your mirrors might only be a few inches off the walls in places


  • 1900-1950mm wide

    • eg. Rangerover Evoque, VW Sharan, VW Toureg, VW Transporter


    • Very tight. Wheels and bodywork will be just an inch or two off stones in places. Mirrors will be just an inch off the wall in places. Branches may scratch your paintwork.

  • 1950-2000mm wide
    • Range rover, Landrover Discovery


      Extremely tight. Mirrors will need folding in. Branches may scratch your paintwork. May only be passable without damage with a guide at night.


  • over 2000mm wide.


      High likelihood of damage to paintwork, mirrors, wheels and/or tyres.


  • Ideally, don't arrive after dark for your first trip up the track

  • Take it slowly!

  • Look out for loose stones which may have fallen off the walls.

  • Keep your wheels off the grass, because it can be very slippery in winter, and you could get stuck.

  • Leave gates as you find them - open or closed.

  • If you encounter sheep or cows, just keep driving slowly forward and they'll move out of the way.

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