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Other things to note

While Hingabarn is a unique property, some of the things that make it special may not suit everyone! 

• Firstly, it is located half a mile up a narrow, twisting and uneven track, which is not suitable for large vehicles (no vans).

While there is no parking at the barn, you have a single parking space in the cobbled yard at the farm, a short (80 metre) walk across a sloping field. At some times of the year the field can be wet and muddy!

• The area around the barn is cobbled and uneven, and it is close to a permanently flowing stream. A river is not far away and can contain some deep water.

The barn itself contains a narrow and steep spiral staircase, and other steep stairs, so it may not suit small children or anyone with limited mobility. Also, it’s open plan, with the main bedroom area on a mezzanine, with privacy curtain. The barn is best for couples or small groups of friends, and some families!

• Additionally, there are low heights to some entrances. Some ducking and dipping may be required; please do be careful of your head!

• Finally other animals i.e. a dog, and free-range cat and chickens live around the barn, so if you have a dog it is imperative that it is under control at all times, and on a lead if outside the immediate around around the barn. Thank you!

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